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Klima-Cleaner Professional Application


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Diffulty Level: Advanced

Your car's air conditioning system provides heat relief in the summer and clears up foggy windows on cold or rainy days. The ability to pull moisture from the air is also directly related to an unpleasant odor that can develop when running the air conditioner. The core of the air conditioning system which draws moisture from the air in order to cool it and reduce humidity is a haven for pollen, dust, bacteria, mold and fungi due to constant moisture exposure. These contaminants produce an unpleasant odor when the air conditioning system is used and can make the air unhealthy to breathe, especially for allergy sufferers.

Klima-Cleaner Professional is a highly effective, water-based cleaner for the air conditioning system. It removes pollen and dust while eliminating odor causing mold, bacteria and fungi. With one treatment, you'll achieve healthier, cleaner and fresher smelling air. Results are long-lasting since Klima-Cleaner leaves a layer of protection preventing immediate re-growth of mold, bacteria and fungi.

Caution: This application method will require you to disassemble interior trim and is recommended for advanced users only . einszett is not liable for any damage that may occur if the procedure is done incorrectly.



1    Read directions completely before application. Please do this so you have an idea of what to expect.

2    Turn off vehicle power.

3    Remove glove box to access blower fan.

klima-cleaner-prof01-s.jpg   evaporator-core-s.jpg

Remove glove box to access blower. Pollen filter tray was
removed allowing for a view of the blower fan.

Once glove box is removed, you can decide between two options. 1) Remove blower fan to have open access to ducting that leads directly to evaporator (blue highlighted area in Diagram) or 2) you can insert the Klima-Cleaner tube through the fins of the of the blower fan. For this procedure, we chose option 2 which you can see from the pictures that follow.


4    If you remove the blower fan, you can move on to the next step. If you choose to insert the tube through the fins of the blower fan, you might have to remove the pollen and dust filter (also called the cabin air filter) in order to have access. This might be located in a tray directly above the blower fan.


5 Shake Klima-Cleaner can to ensure proper foaming of product when dispensed. Attach the supplied application tube to the can.


6    Insert tube through fin of blower fan or if you've removed the blower motor, just insert the tube into ducting. Feed tube until you can go no further.

klima-cleaner-prof02-s.jpg   klima-cleaner-prof03-s.jpg 

For this procedure, we chose to insert the tube through the fins of the blower fan


7    Press trigger to dispense entire contents of can - about 2 minutes. While dispensing, hold can as upright as possible. DO NOT invert can. As you spray, the thick foam solution will spray on to the evaporator and surrounding evaporator housing.


8    After dispensing product, wait 20 minutes for product to clean the system. During this time re-install all components such as the blower (if removed), pollen filter (if removed) and glove box. You'll also notice at this time that the product will be draining from underneath the car.


After foam condenses, cleaning solution will drain
through the drain tube of the evaporator housing.    


9    After the 20 minutes are complete, open windows to allow fresh air to enter vehicle. Turn on fan to maximum setting with A/C setting in ON position for approximately 1 minute to dry system.

Procedure is now complete!



Treat your system once a year or as necessary to clean the air conditioning system and keep your cabin air clean, healthy and smelling fresh!