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How to Eliminate Odor from Car Air Conditioner

Posted by nextzett USA on

If you've ever noticed an unpleasant odor (gym socks maybe?) coming out of your vents when your air conditioning system is on, you might think there's nothing that could be done about it other than ignoring it or masking it with an air freshener. Or maybe you've never noticed it and a passenger brought it to your attention. So why is there an odor coming from the air conditioner?

So why does the AC air smell musty?

Every time you use your air conditioner, you are providing an opportunity for odor causing mold, mildew and bacteria to grow within your air conditioning system. To explain how this happens, a basic explanation of how the air conditioner system works. When the air conditioner is operating, it pulls moisture out of your cars interior through a unit called the evaporator core, which is located underneath your cars dashboard. By pulling moisture from the air, the relative humidity is decreased allowing the air temperature to feel cooler. The moisture that is pulled from the air condenses and is drained outside the car. Ever notice a pool of water under your parked car on a hot summer day? That's the water that was drained from the system. This also happens to be the way home air conditioners work.

Even though most of the moisture is drained from the car, moisture still remains on the evaporator core and the box that the core sits inside of. As the air circulates around the evaporator core, dust and pollen in the air stick to the moisture on the metal fins of the evaporator. Soon thereafter mold, mildew and bacteria begin to grow on the surface of the evaporator. This collection of grime and odor causing agents begin to release odor and is the cause of the smell coming out of your vents.

So how do you fix it?

The most effective way to treat it is with nextzett Klima-Cleaner Pro. It's the same product used by dealerships but instead of paying at least $150, you can do it yourself for under $20.

Applying Klima-Cleaner Pro effectively disinfects mold, mildew and bacteria on the evaporator core. It also applies a thin layer of protectant that has been proven in laboratory tests which makes the growth of contaminants more difficult so the results are long lasting. Klima-Cleaner Pro's effective foam solution emulsifies the debris build up on the evaporator core so it's cleaner and will run more efficiently.

Another significant benefit is the result of cleaner cockpit air. This is especially important for allergy sufferers who are sensitive to airborne contaminants.

For those who are highly sensitive to chemicals, rest assured that Klima-Cleaner Pro is a water- and salt-based cleaner so chances of any skin reaction is extremely minimal.

Another added benefit is that your AC will run more efficiently and cooler since you remove any dust, pollen, mold, fungi that builds up on the evaporator core cooling fins. When the evaporator is cleaned after treatment with Klima Cleaner, air will ciruclate better around the cooling fins and you'll get cooler air.

Klima-Cleaner ETU Odor Bomb

Also be sure to check out nextzett Klima-Cleaner ETU Odor Bomb which doesn't require any disassembly like Klima-Cleaner Pro. While it won't clean the evaporator, it will disinfect your interior air from the mold and fungi that cause odors. It's great between regular treatments of Klima-Cleaner Pro or as a stand alone when you just want to remove that funky odor fast and easy without any hassle.

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