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Klima Cleaner Pro and Klima Cleaner ETU Odor Bomb Available Now

Posted by nextzett USA on

After a long hiatus, customer favorites Klima Cleaner Pro and Klima Cleaner ETU are returning this May. 

Known for their highly effective ability to eliminate the source of odors produced by bacteria, fungus and mold and applying an exclusive protective barrier to prevent these odor causing sources from coming back quickly.

Production has started after a long process of dealing with manufacturing delays and getting certification for our exclusive biocide formula (the active ingredient in both Klima Cleaner products). 

Many of our customers will also be happy to find out that Klima Cleaner Pro will foam again - something we mistakenly took out starting in 2015. 

Stay tuned for more specific availability information as we get closer to our May estimate. 

Meanwhile, we have received a number of inquiries since announcing the return of these products. Here are some common questions answered.

Q: Will the formula remain the same?

A: Yes. Both Klima Cleaner Pro and Klima Cleaner ETU formulations will remain the same. A notable exception to this is that Klima Cleaner Pro will be a foaming cleaner once again like the original. So in a sense, it's going to be more original than the formula we had in the last couple of years.  

Q: Will the product sizes remain the same?

A: Yes. Klima Cleaner Pro will continue to be a generous 300 ml (10 fl oz) size perfect for small and large vehicles and Klima Cleaner ETU will remain 100 ml (3.38 fl oz).

Q: I have a sensitivity to chemicals and Klima Cleaner was the only product that I could use. Will the formula remain the same?

A:  Absolutely. We get this question often and we are proud of the fact that we can produce a product that is supposed to remove substances in our vehicle's interior without having to resort to aggressive chemicals that are irritants. 

Q: Why the delay?

A: One of the biggest obstacles was the production of the products. Aerosol production is getting more and more difficult with the implementation of new regulations. Getting a product to work just right is a lot trickier than you can imagine. Plus, once we got the product that met our standards, getting it certified for its ability to eliminate mold, fungus, and bacteria required additional time. We are relieved that the wait is over and excited to offer it again to our customers. Thanks to all of our customers for being so patient. You won't be disappointed! 

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