Carpet cleaners in a can are fine when spot treating small stains in upholstery but when you're trying to remove spilled liquids and large areas with soiling, they're not all that effective. If you've spilled milk, wine, juice or any other liquid on to your car's upholstery, we'll show you how to remove it correctly. 


This process also applies to home upholstery (carpeting, couches, etc). However, if the spill is on special/sensitive fabrics or high valued items, seek the help of a professional to remove the stain. Do not attempt to clean it yourself as you may cause permanent damage.

For this procedure, we are going to use Blitz. Blitz is a concentrated, low alkaline cleaner designed to clean various surfaces including upholstery. Its pH won't damage upholstery fibers; contains non-toxic cleaners that are safe for those with skin allergies, pets and small children; it won't leave any residue on the upholstery which can attract dust and dirt; and Blitz is low foaming so it won't clog the carpet cleaner (and you won't need an anti-foam additive). The last feature is very important since high foaming cleaners can damage the cleaner.


What You'll Need:

    • Blitz All Purpose Cleaner
    • Vacuum
    • Carpet cleaner/extractor with hand tool (can be rented at most grocery and hardware stores)
    • Spray bottle
    • Distilled water



Step 1

Your car should be in the shade so the surface is cool to the touch. Vacuum the upholstery to remove loose dirt and debris.


Step 2

For stains or areas with a high amount of soiling, pre-treat the stain with a concentrated solution of Blitz. Fill the spray bottle using a 1:10 mixture of Blitz and water (distilled if possible). For example, 1 fl oz of Blitz with 10 fl oz of water. Make sure the solution is thoroughly mixed by shaking the bottle. Spray the area to be treated with the solution and allow to work for several minutes. 

Step 3

When using the carpet cleaner/extractor, mix .5 fl oz of Blitz cleaner with every 3 gallons of hot tap water for normal soiled surfaces or 1 fl oz for areas that have more soiling. You can either pour Blitz directly into filling tank or pre-mix with three gallons of water before filling tank. Pour solution into carpet cleaner filling tank per manufacturer's directions.

Step 4

Using the hand tool, clean the surface until the spill is completely gone. This might require several passes. Note that some stains on light colored carpeting might require professional service to completely remove. Especially if the spill has been allowed to remain for an extensive period of time.


Step 5

Allow the area to completely dry. If possible, leave the windows open to air out.

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