A clear view of the road at night is crucial which is why having headlights that perform at optimal levels is so important. But it’s not just about making sure that the headlight bulbs are working; the optics need to be fully functional too.



Headlight lenses become cloudy from oxidation, the fading effects of the sun, and road debris. Cloudy headlight lenses diffuse a majority of the light your headlights produce and make them virtually ineffective. This reduces the ability to drive safely at night. Fortunately it’s easy to solve this problem.

NOTE: Once you polish your headlights, any remaining protective UV coating on the headlight lens will be removed which means you will have to regularly polish your headlights to maintain clarity. Although this is most likely the case anyway - cloudy headlights indicate that the UV coating has deteriorated.


What You'll Need:


Step 1

Tape the painted body panels surrounding the headlights. This will protect the area from the polishes we are going to use. The reason why we suggest automotive masking tape is because it’s specifically designed to adhere to painted metal but come off without leaving any residue.   

Step 2

With a foam applicator pad, polish the lenses with nextzett No. 1 Clean & Polish. If the oxidation is severe, polish with a terry cotton towel instead of the foam applicator pad. The abrasives in Clean & Polish will polish away the damaged layer of plastic revealing a fresh new layer underneath. After polishing, wipe off with a microfiber towel. You’ll notice a dramatic difference immediately. Repeat this for all headlights.

Step 3

To increase the clarity of the lens, polish the lens using the foam applicator pad with nextzett No. 2 One Step Polish. One Step Polish has finer abrasives than Clean & Polish so it will polish away the abrasive marks left by Clean & Polish. After polishing, wipe off with a microfiber towel.


The process is now complete! To maintain the finish, polish your headlights with One Step Polish using the foam applicator pad every time you polish your car – about every six months.

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