Isn't it great when streets are repaved? Potholes are gone and the roads are smooth again. All is good until you find that the brand new tar found its way on more than just the road. It found its way on your car - splattered on your wheels and paint.


Try washing it off and you'll find your efforts going to waste. You can opt for the traditional tar removers, which rely on petroleum solvents, but those types of products also remove wax and polish finishes. They're also harmful to plastic and rubber trim because they can dry them out and cause them to turn white. And last but not least, petroleum distillates are bad for the environment.

And how about the products that claim to contain citrus oils. Go ahead and read the list of ingredients on the label. You'll find that they too contain petroleum distillates.

We have a better solution.

 What You'll Need:



Plastic Deep Cleaner is a concentrated cleaner that removes stubborn grime, stains and scuff marks from plastic, rubber and vinyl surfaces using highly concentrated non-caustic detergents in a water-based solution which is highly biodegradable. It's also petroleum free.

While great for interior surfaces, Plastic Deep Cleaner also works wonders on exterior painted surfaces too. And that's where it comes in handy when removing tar.  

Anytime prior to washing or treating your car, make sure it's in the shade, washed and dry. The surface should not be hot to the touch. This can be tricky during the summer months which is why it's a good idea to work on your car early morning or later in the evening.

Step 1

Spray the affected area with Plastic Deep Cleaner and allow it to work for approximately three minutes. Do not allow the product to dry.

Step 2

After allowing the product to penetrate the tar, use a damp, non-abrasive, lint-free cotton towel or microfiber towel to remove the tar off of the surface. Repeat procedure until all of the tar has been removed.

Step 3 (recommended)

To make removing tar or any other road debris such as tree sap and bird droppings easier to remove in the future, apply a coat of No. 3 Polish & Wax, or our more advanced and longer lasting SF3 Premium Protect. The extremely durable wax will protect your paint finish from the elements while enhancing shine.


No need to pull out the caustic stuff or pick away at the tar. Some Plastic Deep Cleaner and a cloth and you'll have it off in no time. And with a protective layer of  No. 3 Polish & Wax or SF3 Premium Protect, your paint finish will be protected from the elements - including rogue tar.

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