If you have light colored leather seats (i.e. white, beige, tan) and you wear blue denim jeans you may find that your leather is stained blue. Here's how to remove the blue denim dye safely and easily from the leather.

By the way, this also works on white leather sneakers stained by denim.  

What You'll Need:



Most leather today has a clear coat finish on the surface (for more information, read How to Clean and Condition Leather. This type of leather is called 'finished' leather. The benefit of having this clear finish on the leather is that it reduces maintenance and prevents damage to the leather hide. Protected by the clear finish, the hide is protected from everyday wear and tear including staining.


Car should be in the shade and leather cool to the touch. DO NOT attempt cleaning leather that is hot - damage may occur such as removal of the leather dye. Not the dye from the denim but the color of the leather itself. 

Step 1

Remove any dust from leather with a damp cotton cloth. For light staining, using either nextzett Leather Care or Kenotek Leather Cream should remove the denim stain.

If, however, their is a build up of denim dye or the leather is excessively dirty, we suggest using Plastic Deep Cleaner. Before using Plastic Deep Cleaner on the entire seat, test the leather for colorfastness by spraying a hidden area first. According to the product label directions, do not allow product to work for more than 3 minutes. Wipe surface with a clean damp cloth. If there is no bleeding of the color, proceed to cleaning the stained leather surface.

Several applications might be required if stain is deep or old. After cleaning, remove any excess product by wiping area with a clean damp cloth. Rinse cloth under clear water if necessary.

Step 2

After removing stain, treat the surface with Leather Care. This will recondition the surface and protect it from drying and becoming brittle. Follow product label direction. Apply with foam applicator pad and buff off any excess with the microfiber towel. To remove this stain, simply treat the leather with Leather Care. The cleaners in the formula will remove the stain and at the same time it will condition the finish.

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